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HB Portfolio Ltd.'s Info & Management

HB Portfolio is engaged in the activities/business of Investment and financial services. During the year the company has also started the business of trading in commodities.
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Mr. Ashok Kumar
  • Secretary
    Ms. Renu Gupta
  • Senior Secretarial Assistant
    Mr. Rajkumar Sharma
  • Accountant
    Mr. Neeraj Gaur
  • Company Secretary,Compliance Officer

FAQs on HB Portfolio Ltd.

What is the share price of HB Portfolio Ltd.?

HB Portfolio Ltd. share price is ₹72.11 as of May 24, 2024, 03:29 PM. Share/stock prices are volatile and change over the course of a trading day, and may differ basis on exchange (NSE/BSE).

What is the 52-week high and low of HB Portfolio Ltd.?

The 52-week high and low of HB Portfolio Ltd. is ₹98.00 and ₹36.00 respectively as of May 24, 2024, 03:29 PM. 52-week high and low represent the maximum and minimum value of the share price respectively, over the last 52 weeks (similar to 1 year).

What are the Upper Circuit and Lower Circuit of HB Portfolio Ltd.?

The Upper Circuit of HB Portfolio Ltd. is ₹76. The Lower Circuit of HB Portfolio Ltd. is ₹69.

What is the ROE of HB Portfolio Ltd.?

HB Portfolio Ltd. reported an ROE of 2.94% for the last reported financial year on a consolidated account basis. Return on Equity (ROE) reflects how efficiently the company is able to generate profit as a percent of their equity financing.

What is the shareholding pattern of HB Portfolio Ltd.?

Shareholding pattern gives insights on the concentration of holdings towards various groups of investors. As of last reported quarter for HB Portfolio Ltd., Promoter held 61.4%, and the public held 38.5% of the total shares.

How to buy HB Portfolio Ltd. Share?

You can easily buy shares of HB Portfolio Ltd. online through Share.Market. If you are an existing user, login to your account, else follow the process to create your own Demat and Trading account in a few easy steps.

What is the fair value of HB Portfolio Ltd.?

The fair value of HB Portfolio Ltd. is an estimated price at which buyers and sellers would freely trade their shares. The various ways to determine the fair value of an asset include looking at recent market transactions for similar assets, estimating its expected earnings or the cost of replacing it.
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