Invest in WealthBaskets

A readymade investment baskets curated by industry experts. Now get premium research based WealthBaskets curated by SEBI-registered Investment Advisors or Research Analysts with just one click.
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What is a WealthBasket?

A WealthBasket is a basket of stocks or ETFs, based on a strategy, theme, or research. They are curated by WealthBasket curators who are SEBI-registered Investment Advisors or Research Analysts.
Why should you invest in a WealthBasket?
  • Regular rebalancing updates to ensure the stocks in your WealthBasket continue to optimally reflect the latest version of an underlying research/investment methodology
  • Diversification benefits to protect against market volatility.
  • No hidden costs
  • These baskets of Stocks and ETFs reside in your Demat account
  • No lock-in period
  • Receive dividends, if any, directly in your bank account
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Who can invest in a WealthBasket?


New Investor

You have just started your investment journey and confused which stocks or ETFs to invest in. Choose from our readymade investment baskets available based on a theme, strategy or sector.

Strategic Investor

You have set a goal for yourself and are looking for the right investments to achieve them. With WealthBaskets, you can own the underlying of baskets stocks and ETFs.

Active Investors

You can invest in thematic and sectoral stocks and ETF baskets that take advantage of market trends. Diversify your investments with WealthBaskets.

Afraid of Stock Markets?

You had a bad experience investing in stocks earlier? Start Over! This time invest in well researched investment baskets curated by SEBI registered Investment Advisors or Research Analysts.