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Coromandel International Ltd.'s Info & Management

Incorporated in 1961, Coromandel International Limited is a prominent agri-solutions provider and a part of the Murugappa group. Its main office is situated in Secunderabad, India. 

The company is primarily involved in the production and trade of Agricultural Inputs, which include Fertilizers, Crop Protection Products, Specialty Nutrients, and Organic Compost.

Business Segment 

It operates through two key business segments: Nutrient and other related businesses and Crop Protection. 

  • Crop Protection Products: include Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, and Plant Growth Regulators 
  • Other Related Products: organic fertilizers sourced from natural materials such as organic waste from cities, sugarcane molasses and its by-products, oil cakes, and gypsum
  • Brand Portfolio: GroShakti Plus, Grosmart, Paramfos, and Gromor 15-15-15-09, among others

Geographical Presence

Geographically, operations extend within and outside India.

  • Senior Vice President(Legal.),Company Secretary,Compliance Officer
    Rajesh Mukhija
  • Executive Vice President,Head(Manufacturing)
    Amir Alvi
  • Executive Vice President(Technology)
    Amit Rastogi
  • President,Chief Human Resources Officer
    Arun Leslie George
  • Head(Investments)
    Arun Vellayan
  • Senior Associate Vice President,Head(SND,Organic)
    Avinash Thakur

FAQs on Coromandel International Ltd.

What is the share price of Coromandel International Ltd.?

Coromandel International Ltd. share price is ₹1,233.10 as of May 22, 2024, 09:30 AM. Share/stock prices are volatile and change over the course of a trading day, and may differ basis on exchange (NSE/BSE).

What is the 52-week high and low of Coromandel International Ltd.?

The 52-week high and low of Coromandel International Ltd. is ₹1,271.00 and ₹910.60 respectively as of May 22, 2024, 09:30 AM. 52-week high and low represent the maximum and minimum value of the share price respectively, over the last 52 weeks (similar to 1 year).

What are the Upper Circuit and Lower Circuit of Coromandel International Ltd.?

The Upper Circuit of Coromandel International Ltd. is ₹1,365. The Lower Circuit of Coromandel International Ltd. is ₹1,117.

What is the ROE of Coromandel International Ltd.?

Coromandel International Ltd. reported an ROE of 18.95% for the last reported financial year on a consolidated account basis. Return on Equity (ROE) reflects how efficiently the company is able to generate profit as a percent of their equity financing.

What is the shareholding pattern of Coromandel International Ltd.?

Shareholding pattern gives insights on the concentration of holdings towards various groups of investors. As of last reported quarter for Coromandel International Ltd., Promoter held 57.3%, the FII held 7.3%, DII held 20.7% and the public held 14.7% of the total shares.

How to buy Coromandel International Ltd. Share?

You can easily buy shares of Coromandel International Ltd. online through Share.Market. If you are an existing user, login to your account, else follow the process to create your own Demat and Trading account in a few easy steps.

What is the fair value of Coromandel International Ltd.?

The fair value of Coromandel International Ltd. is an estimated price at which buyers and sellers would freely trade their shares. The various ways to determine the fair value of an asset include looking at recent market transactions for similar assets, estimating its expected earnings or the cost of replacing it.
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