We’re excited to announce the launch of the Discover Tab, a new feature that aims to enhance investment decision-making through quantitative research-based intelligence. This addition reflects Share.Market’s commitment to democratizing access to valuable investment data for both novice and experienced users.

Share.Market Discover Page

The Discover Tab presents users with a curated selection of investment options, driven by the platform’s proprietary quantitative research:

Flagship Quant research WealthBaskets with: 

Share.Market WealthBaskets
  1. ETF-based WealthBaskets: Designed for long-term diversification, these baskets offer exposure to multiple assets across diverse market conditions.
  2. Direct Stocks Research-Based WealthBaskets: Tailored to specific investing styles, these baskets utilize premium strategies like Momentum & Quality 
  3. Sectoral and Thematic WealthBaskets: Provide targeted exposure to specific sectors and emerging themes, allowing users to capitalize on specific market trends.

Enhanced IPO Analysis:

The new tab features a dedicated IPO Section, offering comprehensive information and analysis of upcoming initial public offerings. This section aims to equip users with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complex IPO landscape and make informed investment decisions.

Data-Driven Collections:

Empowering DIY investors and traders with Collections driven by Quantitative research, aiding in the discovery of stocks based on a diverse set of research signals.

Evolving Market Insights:

Share.Market Markets Page

The Market Section on Share.Market continues to offer the latest market views and is set to evolve with additional actionable insights, aiming to become the go-to destination for real-time market assessments.

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