Do you feel share prices drop right after you invest? Are you confused and making haphazard investment decisions? 

We get it! To ease your investment journey, we have you covered with WealthBaskets. These are baskets of stocks and ETFs curated by our WealthBasket curators, who are SEBI-registered professionals.

Our curators do the heavy lifting for you and build WealthBaskets with their wealth of expertise in the field of finance. They are responsible for selecting the stocks and ETFs that make up each WealthBasket and monitor their performance.

But how exactly do our curators craft the WealthBaskets? Buckle up! as we take you behind the scenes of WealthBasket creation!

The Creation Of WealthBaskets

1. Identification of Investment Themes

Curators carefully identify investment themes that align with your financial goals. The investment themes may revolve around ideas, factors, sectors, industries, or geographical regions.

High Quality at Fair Price and Smart Momentum are built using factor-based investing strategies. Meanwhile, Banking & Financial Services and Infra & Realty Gems are some of the sector-focused WealthBaskets. 

2. Screening of Stocks and ETFs

Once the theme for the WealthBasket is identified, curators screen for stocks and ETFs that match the chosen investment themes. The screening process considers factors like value, momentum and quality for baskets built using factor-based investing. They also screen for the growth potential and the risks involved in the underlying stocks and ETFs.

3. In-Depth Research

After screening the stocks and ETFs, research is conducted on the selected stocks and ETFs to assess their growth potential. An in-depth analysis is done using financial statements, ratios, trends, etc.

4. Construction

The next is constructing the WealthBaskets by allocating a specific percentage of each selected stock and ETF. The curators allocate these percentages by evaluating the securities’ risk and growth potential.

5. Monitoring 

The final and ongoing step is curators diligently monitoring the performance of the WealthBasket regularly. This active monitoring allows for timely adjustments to the basket to ensure its alignment with each WealthBasket’s growth objective.


WealthBaskets are built to provide investors with a diversified and cost-effective investment solution. This solution is offered by curators who follow a rigorous investment process designed to identify stocks and ETFs matching each basket’s investment theme. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Share.Market and achieve your financial goals by subscribing to WealthBaskets.